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June 2010
On Saturday July 17th, we'll be playing the Everybody's Scene show in New York City, featuring Loud Youth, Ed Gein's Car, Our Gang and Vatican Commandos (with Moby). For us this will be a special will be the first time our old singer Roger will be on stage singing for us in about 20 years! Roger sang for us from 1989-1990, and helped us write a bunch of the songs on the Daybreak 7 inch, but left the band before we recorded it. Click here for some info on the show (including how to buy tickets), and check out the video below from The Anthrax in 1990 for a taste of what you'll see on July 17th. Don't miss it!

Mercury Lounge flyer

October 2009
We're playing the A Time We'll Remember fest on November 21st, 2009 at the Champion Ship in LeMoyne, PA. Check out the myspace page for the show, and buy advance tickets here. Tons of great bands are playing this show as well, hope everyone can make it out!

A Time We'll Remember Fest

May 2009
A possible announcement in the near future, but for now, check out our Facebook page.

March 2007
More pages have been added: The History page is done, as well as the lyrics pages for Spirit, Movement and Five By Seven. Also added was Jeff's '99 Euro Tour Diary, a newspaper article and pics of the lawn gnome Finnigan we "stole" on our '91 US Tour, and some older news items. Sometime in the future we'll be adding more videos, as well as some higher resolution Quicktime videos for download.

February 2007

The full site is now live! The History page will be updated in the next few weeks, so until then check out the discography, pics, flyers, videos and mp3s. It may have taken years, but this site is more complete than ever. We'll be adding more so keep checking back for updates. Take some time to post on the message board too.

We're on another indefinite hiatus, so no show or recording news.

September 2005
Finally - the new site has begun. This is it for right now, but I'll be adding the other pages and making lots of changes in the future. Until then, click the link below for our myspace page to see a some pics, hear some songs and get info on our two upcoming shows. Speaking of our shows, don't miss the Coming Of Age Fest this weekend. Our first California show in almost 15 years is damn close, and we can't wait. Three great shows--Check the New Age Records site for directions, band lists and info. Then, in a little over two weeks we hit CT for the Posi Fall Fest. This show should be fucking amazing too with an incredible lineup.....Thanks to Jim & Julie with Positive Youth Productions for setting up the show. That's it for now, come to the shows, dance, dive and sing along!

Coming Of Age Fest
Posi Fall Fest

January 2004
The Lyrics page has been newly updated and now has lyrics to all of our releases. Some of you may have noticed the new web address on the main page ( With that new address will come a redesign, more mp3s, a guestbook, flyers, some show videos, maybe some live mp3s and more. So if you have a link to our site please update it, and if you followed an old link to the page, please e-mail us and we'll get it updated.

March 2001
A live 10" picture disc is in the works for Vacation House Records in Italy. It should have 8-10 songs on it, and we're digging through piles of live tapes trying to find something good. As always, if you have any live tapes or pictures please contact us! This will be one in a series of live 10 inches, with Shelter, Ignite, and Agnostic Front also signed on so far. And don't forget about the split 7" with Building on Sobermind Records, and the re-issue of the Spirit CD on Smorgasbord Records. No new recordings or shows for right now. Jeff is still concentrating on Windfall full-time, and Tim on Slower Than Seasons. You can find info on Windfall at

September 1999
The Summer '99 European Tour was incredible! Click here for pictures and a short tour diary.

The split 7 inch on Sobermind Records with Building is out now! Check out the Sobermind Records webpage for more info. 3 songs each, it's available on 7" and CD. Also out now is the "Fight the World Not Each Other" 7 Seconds tribute. 18 bands covering 20 years of great music from 7 Seconds. Up Front rocks "Still Believe," while 97A, Fast Times, H2O, Better Than A Thousand and more contribute as well. Check out the Reflections Records site for more info. If you can't find a copy of these in your local record store, then your best bet is probably the Revelation Records Online Store.

July 1999
OUT NOW! "Spirit" is finally available again! Smorgasbord Records has rereleased it on CD with the three Up Front songs from the classic "X Marks the Spot" as bonus tracks. True to the original with B & W cover, lyrics & pics. Make sure to pick up this one & not the green & yellow one released a few years back by Lost & Found. Don't support a label that rips bands/kids off....

The sounds page is up and running so go download some free songs. MP3 and Real Audio formats. I'll be adding more in the future so keep checking back.

May 1999
The new split 7 inch on Sobermind Records with Building will be out any day now. Everything is on schedule for the European tour in June with Fast Times. Here's the most recent list of shows:

28.05. Salzgitter,Germany/Forellenhof
29.05. Vanersborg, Sweden/Vanersrocken
31.05. Zlotov,Poland/tba
01.06. Berlin, Germany/Knaack Club
02.06. Leipzig, Germany/Conne Island
03.06. Blieskastel, Germany/P-Werk
04.06. Zug, Switzerland/JUZ
05.06. Lyon, France/t.b.a.
06.06. Nantes, France/t.b.a.
07.06. Troyes, France/T.b.a.
09.06. Bochum, Germany/Zwischenfall
11.06. Derby, England/Victoria Inn
12.06. London, England/Garage
13.06. Kortijk,Belgium/ Tskut
14.06. Bielefeld, Germany/AJZ
15.06. Aachen, Germany/AZ
16.06. Le Havre,France/tba
18.06. Chemnitz, Germany/AJZ
19.06. Oberwart, Germany/Mind Over Matter Festival
20.06. Stuttgart, Germany/Limelight
22.06. Zagreb, Croatia/t.b.a.
24.06. Hannover, Germany/Flohzirkus
25.06. Drachten, Netherlands/Iduna
26.06. Arnheim, Netherlands/Goudvishal

December 1998
3 songs for the Sobermind Records split have been recorded, "Okay" "Unity Song" and "Get Smart." Also, "Still Believe" was recorded for the 7 Seconds comp. Here is a fairly recent list of the bands and songs for the 7 Seconds comp:

1.Reinforce - Satyagraha
2.Rain on the Parade - Out of Touch
3.Building - Trust
4.Veil - Busy Little people OR help me scream
5.Good Clean Fun - Bully
6.Up Front - Still Believe
7.Better than a thousand - In your face
8.Real - Walk together, Rock together
9.Guiding Line - New Wind
10.H20 - Not just boys fun
11.97a - Fuck your amerikkka OR Committed for life
12.Morning Before - Weak Link
13.Time Flies - Here's your warning
14.Insist - We're gonna fight OR Regress no way

October 1998
Right now Up Front is getting ready to play their first shows since April. With the band members spread out between Massachusetts and Virginia this can be tough. Look for some shows in the Northeast this December.

Songs are currently being written for a split 7" on Sobermind Recordsfrom Belgium with a Belgian band called Building. It should be out early in 1999. Louder, faster, shorter is Jon's motto for the new songs. Also in the works is a song for a 7 Seconds tribute comp also due out at the beginning of 1999. This comp will be put out by Reflections magazine/records. It will be a full-length CD compilation with a limited number of copies on vinyl. About 15 bands will be giving their version of a 7 Seconds song. At the same time issue #12 of Reflections magazine will come out with a whole special booklet dedicated to the 7 Seconds Tribute.

Plans are also in the works for a full European tour in late spring/early summer '99.