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Five By Seven Lyrics


Get Smart

it's easy believing that nothing will ever make a difference anyway
and to just ignore what other people say
it's trial and error but all those mistakes will refund what the effort cost
cause the lesson learned replaces what was lost
when refuse to try you are the one that's losing

well, here's what you get a tiny bit of nothing much with free nothing else
you've got so much to gain if only you could see you've got to want it for yourself
instead of running away from the very thing in life you think you won't be needing
and pushing aside everyone in life you think could never be worth meeting
the blood of you is bleeding, watch it go it goes and goes until it's gone

I can't figure it, do you enjoy the way you live?
have you become the person that you wanted to be?
give me one good reason to spend another season in the company of ignorance and apathy
and what do you intend to take away from all these days that you've been given?
won't let it be that way for me
I need to find the place that I have been hoping to find inside myself
and I know I will someday
and I can hardly wait 'til I do (are you satisfied)
this is (being fucking blind)
the one (to the world around)
we get - why can't you understand
(open up your eyes) and learn
(take a look inside) there is
(there is something to be found)
something to be found in you


and it all comes turning back around again
what ending can be the one that we expected?
and knowing you has made me see that
everything is just the way it should be
don't really need to understand it all
and what do we do with another broken camera?
picture of another broken circle
and it all comes around again
and knowing you I believe that everything will be okay
hey you, you're all right
and I know that you will never give away the ending

Unity Song

another call for unity to keep the thought within our reach
sometimes it seems the cause is lost but still it needs to be believed
that what we're doing has a reason and we've gotta try to keep the peace within

you and I can do, do whatever it will take
we can make it through, through whatever will come our way

what we are missing will come only if we listen to another
and we will never be complete until we stop all this competing with each other
so we should take all that crap and put it right back where we found it
and when we see it coming up again we'll think of all the friends we made without it
and we'll keep moving on

you and me - you and I
U - N - I - T - Y


What Fire Does

let me walk behind you I'll ignore myself nothing distant in my eyes
this close I've never felt before burn me with your love
show me what fire does

ignite the ignition perfection gone permission of nothing that is wrong
accept the conditions without delay conviction of nothing that I say
words are spoken but remain unsaid another flame to burn what should I say instead
nothing loves when nothing loves it back there's nothing left of you but ashes piled black

burn me with your love
show me what fire does

apologize for keeping quiet i drop myself onto your ground
nothing given to me you never lost the flame i found
inside the fire is where you'll see outside myself is where I'm blind
you're my new addiction you're the drug that loves my mind

burn me up with fire tongue
speaking words and licking blood
love yourself for what you are
forget the girl you left alone
remember me from photographs
remember who you've never known
reflect an image of yourself
discover me from far away
regretful mind thinks hateful thoughts
forgetful mind loves what I say
insist on instant intercourse
to pass the time until I'm gone
resist persistence of the same
remember me when nothing's wrong
imagine what you won't believe
consider what you don't desire
burn me with your love
and live inside my life of fire

A Boy And His Gun

yesterday surrendered to temptation
yesterday had no concern and so much tome to lie
you were taught to trust in contradiction
trip over truth and fall on little time to act surprised

you're biting what's too big for you to swallow
and shooting bullets loaded with disease
your paint by numbers act is hard to follow
your perfect body falls apart when perfect timing disagrees

like a blind man you can't see reflections of a face disguised (who's face is it now)
you're living believing in open legs instead of open eyes (your eyes are still shut)
like a shadow of a dead man beneath a sun that soon will fade away (your sun will fade soon)
we're always running from your gun and always ducking when we hear your bullets spray (they spray)
from the gun that goes bang and boom

and now another body hits the ground in front of you
it's just another body falling down because of you

watch them fall like rain blood red
what the hell is going on in your head
when children cry with eyes bone dry
for love now dead and those who've died
watch them fall.


this might be your time to show them that what they believe is wrong
mediocrity is not a crime and everything is nothing when it's gone

opinions heard
but nothing learned
when nobody cares
a good way
to fade away
when nobody's there

along their thin lines of morality must never stray toward any true identity
without their blindfold there's so much to see and every day is one more day of self-discovery
within their walls of solid emptiness must never tell them that you loved or why you miss
the walls you dented with your bloody fist in secret hopes of breaking through and running far away

this could be the time to tell them that you've heard this all before
adversity has begun it's climb but you know that you've seen it fall before

a stone throw
from what they know
to be the truth
just more time
to stay behind
and follow you

between their thin lines of humanity must always stay forever blind to what you see
another's axe will fall your strongest tree another reason to believe in anonymity
behind their doors in rooms of hopelessness must never tell them that you loved or why you miss
the key you once held in your empty fist in secret hopes of breaking out and running faraway


I decided to skip today jump tomorrow and land on yesterday
that's where I felt my very best so I will just forget about the rest

maybe I will see you there and we can talk about what we shared
maybe I will see you there and maybe you will say you care
enough to tell me to return to what I used to be
before I decided to return to someone who was just like me

and maybe someday I will see the someone that I had the chance to be
and maybe someday he'll return and let yesterday catch up to me

don't ask me to lead the way there's someone telling me that I should stay
but if I do will I see you or will you go around the other way

maybe I will never know


an invitation with words all dressed in wool
a fabrication to empty everything you thought was full
it's artificial the limb you suck on in your bed
a superficial infection in your head

I reprise this image burning my eyes another blister to scrape away
I despise your fuckin' beauty disguise forever fading away
I avow all my confusion and doubt you painted pictures you know I'd never see
I confess to blindness and innocence and now you're nothing but a memory to me

believe yourself to be another freed from the disease
ocean sky and fire rage they give you what you need
lives on paper separate the ink from all the blood
shame on you for the abuse of what you thought was love



Humanity... is supposed to function as a single being
The brains... of the planet
Instead we are scattered, each going our own selfish way
If the earth receives selfishness, it returns the pain that we bring

We can't neglect or push away
We see the issues, the price that we pay

We have to see the world as one mankind as one
Let your disbelief's fade away
People's faces and their colors all disappear
Hate evaporates as long as you believe

We can't neglect or push away
We see the issues, the price that we pay

Our real alma mater is the earth
Without whom we are lost
Yet man's most devastating drives
Are acts of aggression against her

The Ravaging and raping of the earth
That has gone on MUST STOP!


When I look in your eyes I see the light I need to brighten up my life
When I look at your smile I feel the love I need
When I hear your voice it puts me in another state of mind
One of passivity a state that I've always longed to find

And now that I've found it, you want to take it away
I don't ever want to lose you, but you say you cannot stay
They say the finding is the hardest part of all
I just want to keep this feeling solid in my heart

I found you
I need you
I found love
I need love

And I need, and I want, all the love you have to offer to me
And I see, and I feel, the way that life is supposed to be
And when you're near, by my side, I see things I never thought I could see
And when you're gone, far away, I feel the cold of another day

I found you
I found love
I found life
But you took it away from me
(The finding is the hardest part)

Please don't take it away from me


Caught my reflection the other day, but I was nowhere to be found
I was flying high the day before, but now I'm lying on the ground
And I'm trapped in confusion, looking for a solution
Things are great, while they last, but when they're gone I have to ask

Why must this pain hurt so bad?
Will it ever go away?
When will things be great again?
Why can't they be great today?

I looked up to the sky and the sun was in my eyes, but here comes the rain
I finally found the track and I don't want to look back, but here comes the train
I feel like I've been doing things the way I should, but here comes the blame
I feel like I'm on top of things, I'm feeling pretty good, but here comes the pain

And it gets me thinking
And it leaves me sinking
Low low low
Into the ocean of contemplation


It doesn't seem right, to take another life
The shall not kill, a human or an animal
That's my philosophy, and I can feel empathy
In death there's no thrill, so please DON'T KILL!

Do you ever think about their lives?, each time you slice them with your knife
I guess you never realize their pain, each time one of them is slain
You try to rationalize it in your mind, but incompassion is all that I can find
You say that it's not cruel it's just your job, like the "Nazi Butchers" claimed at their trials

It doesn't seem right, but still you take another life



There used to be a time when everything was so clear, so simple, but now I'm not so sure
Friends you knew, or so you thought, changed, faded, lost
I guess it's hard not to change with the times, the world closes in, nowhere to hide
Like seasons of the year, things come and go without warning
What was once in front of you now lags far behind, lags far behind
Maybe it's just me maybe I'm the one who changes
Is everybody else the same? How do you know how can you know?
I guess I'll just live my life and hope that I can cope,
I've done so so far but tomorrow's another day...Another day!


It seems like it's all forgotten, as if no one cares
I guess that all has been said, is still drifting in the air
What's to become of it all, it seems we're heading nowhere
This movement has become stagnant and for those who care, it's not fair
It's just not fair
Once roaring loud as thunder striving for a better way, living by the words you said
Are now just words of yesterday
What's been said just hasn't been done and I can't give up just yet
For those words I've spoken throughout the years are words I don't regret

The downfall of your mind brings the downfall of mankind
All those words you left behind brings the downfall of you mind


Growing up, growing apart, yet there's still a place here in my heart
In which I'll keep for you to fill, our paths will cross, I know they will
They'll come a time when the sun will still shine and I'll see your shadow standing next to mine

These times we've shared, they won't wither away
'Cause in my heart my friend, they're always here to stay
And in time the bond of ours grows stronger
And in time we'll be apart no longer

Yesterday is in the past and today is going fast
But my friend don't forget you haven't seen the last of me yet

Don't fear the distance!


What not to do, what not to say, these lies always get in my may
This feeling inside I can't contain, but my thoughts to you I can't explain
My true emotions hidden? it's just not real, because I cannot erase the way that I feel
To do so at any cost, effort wasted, effort lost

We Are The Enemy

We sometimes ask ourselves "what will the future bring", I say we can't sit around and wait to find out
It's up to us to work in the present and make the future a better place for all of us to live
It's up to us to change tomorrow, it's up to us to rearrange
Our actions today cannot go wrong or go astray
The judge and the jury are watching us, we must not fail

Why do we think the problems that we bring
Will heal themselves and fade away
Some don't get the picture of what they do, it's in ourselves we are the enemy
Let's pull together and make tomorrow the place that we know it can be
There's a time to talk and a time to act
That time has come, that time is now
It's in our hands to make things right
To start a new and change our plight


Long nights lapse into morrow, yesterday seems so far away
Solitude brings forth the sorrow of a long ago forgotten day
My vision's blurred by all that I've seen, memories of you float by with the passing breeze
Your touch so soft your hand in mine, the pain we've shared the tears we've cried
Moonlight silhouette your image cast, frozen forever in my past

So hard to forget the way I felt for you, one word from you would make my day complete
The feeling of your beating heart, beneath your skin so close to mine
Your caring words your gentle kiss, a reflection back in time of all I miss

It feels like time is slipping through my hands, familiar voices reaching out to me
Now just faded words stained with yesterday

Just whispers in the air

Life and all it's joys seem to fade into my mind, feeling torn which way to turn
To set my mind at ease, all alone reaching from inside
I know I must break free


Every day I try to see every path in front of me
and yet I wonder what is the key there must be something to set me free

Daybreak it's in my sight

Now I find and now I see the problem lies deep in my mind
and in the distance I see a crack of light daybreak it's in my sight.

Daybreak it's in my sight