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Movement Lyrics


perennial propriety all composure must be kept
this enclosure is a little constricting

all the odium
dodges what the self is telling it to believe

a tendency to be quite tenable
all intentions are well meant
this amenity is a little capricious
solely based upon the need for love

it's all incalculable
a hundred million billion ways to be the same thing

on the skin it's all civility
underneath a considerable difference
and for now the secret remains well kept

Fear Of Being A Giant

overhead look at blue what a sky so high above
I try to reach inside to know how high I dare to go

well maybe it's just gravity that's going to keep me in my place
there's so much space to fill but I've still got this weight

understand the things we see but they take some time to reach
unless we start to live on thousand foot high ladders

maybe all we've ever done is think of ways to pass the time
but who wears watches when their wrists are being tied

are we all small
like all the ants that like to crawl
along the walls
into the cracks to get away
from all the eyes
that see themselves in certain ways
as tall as skies as big as giants

what can we believe
when we pretend that we don't see
or talk or dream
about a chance to run away
we all have eyes
that see ourselves in different ways
as tall as skies as big as giants


we are all lost within ourselves
so we search and hope to find out the truth
but it's so much easier said than done
and we're all climbing trees that have branches that break
and looking for roads we can take
to get somewhere before someone else gets wherever we're going

we're tarnished and wounding and shallow like shadows
but trustful and caring and furnished like mansions
but fearful and helpless and clumsy like children
but daring and hopeful we take another breath

we take another, another breath
we take another, another breath
we take another breath
we take another breath again

and with this breath we start to understand
that no one plants a sign along the roads we take
maybe the truth lies deep within the search itself
maybe our balisage is the choices we make

Seeing Things

it's unbelievable all the things that have never really happened
the sucker punches get me while I'm blinking what the hell was I thinking
maybe there was something in my eyes again

I guess it seems I'm seeing things
again and will I really have to wait until the end

and I don't understand
I heard that it was best to take it day by day
and I know I learn from my mistakes and to use it in my life
so maybe the next time will be the last
but what this is just doesn't seem to be something I can control
it's just that sometimes people make no sense to me
they tell me one thing then do another and wonder why I wonder why...

so I just stand in line and wait to be the next in line
to take the place of who was standing there before and then
I'll promise not to make myself another promise
like the one I made myself before and then

I'll try to find the reason why I'm seeing things again
with unsuspecting colored eyes I'm seeing things again
no longer will I try to guess what someone else intends
and am I really going to have to wait until the end of the world

Outer Spaces

one day I had more than I could take of this world
it hated and cursed me and laughed at everything I did
so then I got on a spaceship and then I launched it
I looked out the window and laughed when I saw the world explode

there are outer spaces everywhere there's one inside your head
you've got to use what hides behind your eyes it'll take you everywhere
there are worlds that await the ones who learn the way to discover them
so use the space behind your face it'll take you anywhere you want to go

I can silence all the voices and I can fly through all the air
it's like living lifetimes in a day
and I can beat anyone I meet with sticks and stones until they leave me alone
I like to watch them running away I love to see them run

there are outer spaces everywhere there's one inside your head
you've got to use what lies behind your eyes it'll take you everywhere
and there are worlds that await the ones who learn the way to discover them
so use the space behind your face it'll take anywhere you want to go

Meat To Please You

well I guess it's not important to you
it's not your blood that's going to spill
it's not your life that's going to end
at least you'll get a good meal tonight

it's killing and robbing and taking away
it's murder by some other hand
digest rotting flesh?

I'd rather ingest and express intelligence

it just makes no sense at all
it's incomprehensible

they don't seem very pleased to me
and I really doubt that they'd want to be

meat to please you

Four Sided Circle

I've been trying to align my shoes
so I'll know where I stand
all my days seem to slip away
and I'm left holding my own hand
the one I'm using to remove
another stick they stuck in my spokes
from now on I'll be moving along
and laughing only when I get the joke

I'd love to see the top of it all
the view would probably blow me away
I'd love to be at the top of it all

at a place where I could keep my head
(above the violent water)
because I've got to keep myself
(from thinking about fire)
and I've got to let these hands
(touch this life that I've been given)
if the answer is living
then question is why do I stare at walls.

Walking Around

what a day to be beneath a sky with stars or the sun
inside the great big everything outside of everyone
and if it wasn't for the pain I'd walk
until I couldn't even walk anymore
and if I had the time on my hands
I'd take myself everywhere and then back

nobody lives forever and it sucks to think that we'll never see
every sight that was meant to be seen
but as long as we are all free to take a walk around I think we
should have a look around and see the beauty of this world

walk around
see the world
look around
it's our world
we should see it


we are the days of a life
the brilliance of things that exist
and when we fall we get up and we start to move again
I doubt there's ever been a greater gift given to anyone

but just a little time would help us out a lot
and just a little more so we could get our fill
maybe another place so we could get away
with just a little push I bet we could take this hill

still we need ourselves
still we need ourselves

to pacify the screaming in our own minds
and illuminate the darkness in our own hearts
and express the feelings that we hold inside
we'd better try...

try to understand
and what's left is all we need to have


are we individual
absolutely animal

bodies moving dream of one another
reaching for each other with the thought of awaking
always searching for some self-reflection
of what the others say is all that's remaining

that's what it's like being only human beings

bodies resting killing one another
forming a connection with the thought of it breaking
never really knowing the meaning of perfection
or how to keep ourselves from losing everything we're gaining

that's what it's like being only human beings
that's what we get loving the way human beings love

all our talk what does it mean
and all the love we give to everything
does it really mean anything at all

if this is real
I must be make-believe
another partial perfect
within your incomplete view

my life is all that's left for me what love can say the same
one body warms my blood for me when no one knows my name.


a scratch on the surface
biting words reply to no one at all
falsehoods misconceptions
minds at war two views that never meet
devotion dedication
blindly eyes will see but look right through

are we bound by stability
or scattered by our own sightlessness

imperfections common to all
just broaden your scope and help to understand
prejudice separatism
continued isolation only leads to narrowed minds
exposure acceptance
heals the wounds that narrow minds create

are we bound by stability
or scattered by our own sightlessness


you've got a mind like a no-fingered hand
that wants to hold a key for a lock on a door
to a room without a goddamn thing inside
except for an old teevee that only shows maude

you're a hole in a bag
and a car that's out of gas
and a tree that never grows
and a voice that no one hears
and an ocean full of sand
and a window on a floor
and a race that no one wins
and a book that never will be read


falling from the heights you never even knew you were afraid of
been blinded by the light you didn't even think you'd ever see
have you ever been locked inside a room with all the windows left wide open
will you be landing on the only space that's being occupied by me

listening to everything does wonders for the deaf ones
and searching for the open door has got no sense of irony
and I love it when the flies all die on windowsills so close to all the air
they're falling down like all the rain and raindrops never land on me

well what's left for me to say
maybe I'll close my eyes and wait for you to do the same
and maybe then we'll start to understand it all
and we'll fall
into everything
no one will believe

we'll be everything
and no one will believe

How Flies Get Fat

here we go again skipping all the stones
who will ever know how can anyone believe
that what they're fed will eradicate a hunger
that exists within their own reality

maybe half of what we have is more than we need
but no one wants to be the first to throw away
we build machines to make machines that run machines
and break our backs when we can't carry what they weigh

who's going to carry all the weight of our own reality

all we have is everything but sometimes we'll do anything
to dig ourselves a hole that's deep enough so all we see is all the dirt
that keeps a dead man from his dreams and all that's living from us
all the words that people say about the fact that we should change
the way we live from sun until moon are gasoline that soak the pages
written by the hands that scratch the heads that try to understand it
and someone has been busy building something that somebody said
will serve some kind of purpose in the days and years that lay ahead
if you want it you can have it they say it only gets better
they're only trying to make it better for us all


finding the nearest egress without an answer to any question
and digest the nearest food to give hunger the middle finger
and godless because religion is like fire to a forest
and more of all this nonsense will make the legless run like hell

hearing the greatest story without a splinter of a memory
and thoughtless because thinking is like sinking in a desert
and present because the future is so impossible to figure
any more of all this nonsense will make the voiceless scream like hell

and we're all floating and breathing and going
talking and walking and knowing
deciding and hiding and being
laughing and dreaming believing

this is all in a lifetime the one we ended up in
and even though it will end one day
at least we'll know that it's been all right


guess we've got a brand new line coming out this year
the same old fuckin' make and model
they didn't look good the first time around
so how the hell do they expect to impress
taught by who was in the know back in '88
it's almost been a fuckin' decade now
it's time for all the little brothers and sisters
to learn nothing from their mistakes

have you learned yet my friend
that pipe is nothing but another excuse
that joint can be the beginning of the end
those pills are nothing but a numbing of the senses
that needle's the gun that puts the bullet in your vein

so why can't you just be yourself
live free of false emotions
it's easier than you might think
to be the person that you are

take another drug to make you feel another way
don't you have enough inside of you to bring it out yourself
think of all the time you spend being artificial
and there won't be time enough to tell what part of you is really real

and I know it's hard for you to tell your friends
that you don't give a shit if they call you a "fag"
but you shouldn't be doing all the shit they do
just because now they say it's all the rage again

can't you feel it finding you in all the places that you used to hide
from all these boring trends meant for some other kids
but now it's you who blindly follows them

and now you miss the strongest winds of every storm


thinking about it it's hard to forget it all
a sun inside a universe of memory
the way I feel about it is like a fish feels about water
without you living within my life I wouldn't really feel alive

I thank you for being within me

remember everything you've ever given me and let me give myself
you taught me to believe in my ability
and still we're holding on together as one
the war has been one and something is still raging

so thank you for staying with me
for meaning so much in my life
and thank you for being with me
I'll never forget the times that we've had

this has been lovely
this has been beautiful
this has been the time of my life
this is still...