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Spirit Lyrics

Once And For All

you think and guess but you have yet to be right
you looked and searched but I guess you lost your sight
my vision is clear and I can see through you
I guess you'll never know what it means to be true

you wonder why I refuse to join in
it's really simple man, I just want to live
I tried real hard, I thought you understood
well now you're gonna listen to these words

this is it, now it's time, gonna draw the bottom line now!

once and for all - I'm gonna make you see
you can't make me fall - and your ways are not for me
so keep your shit away - and let me live poison free

All Of Me

if you've got a problem, come to me
I'll be the best friend that I can be
I'll never turn my back on you
we'll work things out, I'll do all I can do

some people doubt my sincerity
but if they knew me then they would see
just how true these words can be
with love and happiness and all of me

I'll try the best I can
be by your side 'til the end

Our Best

if you ever need a helping hand we'll do our best, help out if we can
if we can't do it, we can find someone who will we won't leave you, we'll try to fulfill

put your trust in others - open up your heart
help one another - show them you're a part
make an attempt - show them that you can
reach out - and show them you're their friend

in hopes that you will do the same and help other people when you can
it's not right to leave someone all alone so help out, show them you're their friend

lend a hand to someone in need
one day they will repay you for that deed
let's cut out all the hatred and all the greed
'cause someday you could be the one in need

Left Behind

can't you get it through your head
I don't like the way things used to be
won't you ever understand
the way I was just wasn't for me

I really wish that you would try
to understand my reasons why
I changed for the better, I'm proud to say
goodbye to what I threw away

times have changed and so have I
I've learned a lot, my knowledge grew
what held me back I left behind
if you can't accept it then I'll leave you too

when I stopped I looked around
I left behind what was keeping me down

now I can see things clear
because I learn from all the words I hear
break free from what is in your way
make a change - it's not so hard to break away


something deep inside of me screams out to be released
all the joy, the pain, the fear it's like a puzzle to be pieced
these feelings that I have bottled up deep down inside
I need to put them down on paper 'cause it's something I just can't hide

expression - of the way I feel
deep down inside - I just can't hide

sometimes it seems so hard to express the way we feel
but I'll try my best to express my thoughts 'cause I know that they are for real

these feelings that I have
bottled up deep down inside
I need to scream them loud and clear
'cause it's something I just can't hide

Break It Up

I don't hold grudges, I never did
but that's just the way that I choose to live
if people would learn to forgive and forget
fighting and violence would no longer be a threat

tell me - do you think it's cool
to beat up kids who are smaller than you
it's so much easier to be nice than cruel
so cut the act and grow up

if we'd learn to love and not to hate
maybe start today, it's never too late
then we could live in a world of unity
and go through life much more happily

listen - enough is enough
act like yourself, don't try to get tough
a helping hand is what we need
not a clenched fist to make others bleed

Second Thoughts

I will try the best I can but sometimes my best is not enough
I'm always looking back at the things that I can change
everyone makes mistakes it's a known fact of life
what's done is done, it's in the past and nothing can be changed

never again - no more second thoughts

so I look back
on everything that's passed
I've seen the good that's come
out of all the things I've done
never, ever again
will I dwell on what has passed
now I know inside I'm strong
and I won't be led astray

What We Need

frustration and anger building up struggling for release
but fighting and violence is not the way to put my mind at peace

arguments, disagreements where do they get us
pain and hurt are all they bring why can't we get along

stop, wait - there is a solution if only this one time
communicate, talk it out just give it a chance

arguing gets us nowhere
cooperation is what we need
we've gotta give another's ideas a chance
communication is the key

try to work it out peacefully


why must you act like such a fool?
nothing useful comes from you
never a good word to say
I don't know where you got that attitude
but I sure hope it doesn't stay
you'd better choose another way to be

the time to change is right now
you're always there to dog my mood
you've been this way for far too long
you call yourself a rebel
I say go and find yourself a cause
you never even gave yourself a chance

One Step Ahead

you choose to see life through alcohol and drugs
abuse their purpose, it seems so fun
for us the fight has just begun
to spread our word to everyone

we're trying to do all that we can
we're always aware - we're one step ahead

so sick of you and all your kind
picking fights with anyone that you can find
but when you sober up and face reality
you're not half the person you appeared to be

we're trying to do all that we can
we're always aware - we're one step ahead

in our hearts
in our heads
we'll always be
one step ahead

so sick of you and all your kind
picking fights with anyone that you can find
but when you sober up and face reality
you're not half the person you appeared to be
you say that people who aren't like you
are boring and have nothing to do
I can't make sense of how you see
don't need your drugs to be me - I'm free


too far gone, you're stepping over the line
it seems you're just along for a free ride
just a joke 'cause I know you'll never last
when will you see that you're going nowhere fast

afraid to change, you're even scared to try
because your mind's so fucking narrow
you'll never touch me with your bottled lies
'cause I'm always gonna be straight like an arrow

too far gone, you're stepping over the line
it seems you're just along for a free ride
I'll face my challenges, I won't walk away
take care of myself 'cause I know that I'm here to stay

I'll never let you bring me down
you'd better hope and pray I never do
'cause I'll be reaching for higher ground
and I'm gonna be stepping hard on top of you

so far away from you and all your simple ways
and all your stupid little baby games
strength comes from the inside
it's knowing right from wrong
that's why I can sing this, 'cause I know I'm strong

New Leaf

new and unknown challenges face us day to day
temptation, pressure, and obsession usually lead the way
for me I took the alternative from the life I see too much
people wasting away their lives, too often way out of touch

I made a change

I turned over a new leaf
I don't need drugs as my release
I wish you would see my point of view
'cause I don't want the next victim to be you

Stand Tall

as I've grown older I've seen so many changes
friends I've known society rearranges
but don't give in, you've got to stand up for your rights
just be yourself, that's what we all do best

'cause whether male or female, black or white
you've gotta hold your head up high keep your goals in sight
'cause it doesn't matter what the others think
all that matters is what you feel inside

just try real hard, set your objective
but just try to remember to keep it all in perspective
and keep in mind this one small fact
be proud of who you are, don't ever look back

live your life for you, make the most of what you've got
be proud of who you are don't try to be someone you're not
open up, have a say, take pride in what you do
let yourself go free don't be afraid of being you

stand tall - be proud - of what you are
be strong - stand up - for your rights
stand tall - be proud - of what you are
live life - for you - and no one else- stand tall


when times are tough and things look bad
you've gotta look at all the good times you've had
erase the madness from your mind
and try to see the positive side

things can only be as bad as you make them
so think things through and overcome them
when things that would make a grown man cry
are happening right in front of your eyes

take the time to reason things out
don't go on an instinct or on a doubt
discuss your problems with a friend
'cause life is a valuable thing to end

your own life is something you shouldn't take
so value the decisions that you make
and before you decide to take those pills
or pull that trigger - just don't


see a change in the youth today
caring, growing, and learning more
not afraid to find a better way
we're speaking out what we stand for

do what's right so we can see
spirit of living free

it's time to realize - it's time to see
the spirit that lies within your mind
it's time to learn - it's time to come alive

strength of knowledge deep inside
we made our choices and we're holding true
stagnation is all you've ever tried
just sit back and watch us move

do what's right so we can see
spirit of living free

the good times we've seen
our hopes and our dreams
searching for truth through the spirit of youth
'cause we want to live free

Something To Strive For

it's time we got this straight been on my mind for quite some time
you say our movement's just a trend well it's time to draw the line
there are two sides to this story one is yours and one is mine
so give me a chance, just hear me out and see just what you'll find

I'm not trying to force my values on you
it's not my belief to tell you what to do
'cause you can take it with a grain of salt
or take it as the truth
but there are just three simple things
that I'll ever ask of you

to be honest
think straight
just be yourself
that's all I ask